We never expected this to happen so soon, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is now engaged to his “Perfect” partner Cherry Seaborn after dating for about three years! He took to Instagram to share the news with fans saying, “Got myself a fiancé just before new year. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well xx”

The 26-year-old singer and Seaborn, 24, a risk advisory consultant, have known each other since high school and moved in together not long ago. They started dating in 2015 and in March, he told PEOPLE, “I’ve known Cherry since I was 11.” The two later reconnected at Taylor Swift’s 4th of July party at her Rhode Island home and “the rest is history”.

Seaborn also helped Sheeran get himself together during the year he took off for a break, “I think you need to, when you get into the industry, adjust to it — and I didn’t adjust because I was constantly working on tour. And all the pitfalls that people read about, I just found myself slipping into all of them. Mostly, like, substance abuse.”


“I focused on work, and I can’t work under the influence, I can’t write songs under the influence, I can’t perform under the influence — so the more I worked the less [that happened]. I’ve worked my whole life to get to where I am and you can’t lose that over something that you do in your spare time,” he added.

Fortunately, he had Seaborn to help. “I didn’t really notice it was happening. It just started gradually happening, and then some people took me to one side and were like, ‘Calm yourself down’… It’s all fun to begin with, it all starts off as a party and then you’re doing it on your own and it’s not, so that was a wake-up call and taking a year off.”

Sheeran also mentioned that moving in together helped ground him and that she balances him out. Congratulations you two! <3

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