If you aren’t already using Instagram Stories, you’re not cool enough. Period. The feature already takes social media to a whole new level with location tags, hashtags, timestamps, polls, stickers, emojis and freehand writing, but the photo-sharing app has just opened up a brand new realm of creativity with GIF stickers! Yeap, there are dancing cats, twirling pizzas, mascara tears, and even Drake. Nuff’ said.

To add a GIF to your Instagram Story, tap the smiling sticker icon and find the animated GIF option. Then you’ll be able to access a bunch of GIFs, but here’s a pro-tip: Use the search bar and you’ll be able to access GIPHY’s entire library of millions of GIFs to spice up your Stories! We tried it, and it works with literally anything.. Even Rihanna. You can also search the word “accessories” to find sunglasses, facial features, and hairdos to be layered over faces.

That’s not all! Over the next few weeks, Instagram will be rolling out yet another feature for Stories, giving users the ability to post photos of any size on their Stories. Say goodbye to oddly cropped photos or portrait-only pics. Instead, insert any sized photo of your choice, then you’ll be able to return it to its original size by pinching it. You can also fill in the empty space with a custom colour gradient!

BRB responsibilities while we waste more time on Instagram Stories…

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