If you don’t drink, good on you! And if you do, chances are you’ve partaken in a round or two of one of those rite of passage drinking games like Ring of Fire, also called Kings Cup or Circle of Death. After all, what is getting sloshed without some good ol’ competition?

There is no questioning why Ring of Fire is so popular. It requires minimal to no setup, and all you need are a deck of poker cards, a drink for the centre, and a drink for every participant of the game. The boozy ice breaker essentially requires all players to take turns drawing cards from a circle and then performing the tasks assigned for each card.

But here’s the problem – There are already 13 tasks at the start of the game to begin with and as the game requires every player who draws a King card to make a new rule (It could be something ridiculous like taking a selfie before every sip), that amounts to even more instructions to remember, which clearly isn’t great when you’re.. well, intoxicated.

But with a deck of cards created by Malaysian Gwen Ng who is “helping you and your friends get drunk, one card at a time,” you’ll no longer have these issues, or simply less of them. Aptly called Ring of Faiyah, these cards are designed with the individual tasks attached to each card, so you’ll save time briefing your friends and have more fun actually playing!

An example of Ring of Faiyah’s unique tasks are as follows:

Ace – Never have I ever
3 – Chicks
4 – Floor
7 – Heaven
8 – Mate
9 – Rhyme
10 – Category
Jacks – Rule
Queen – Question Master
King – Pour

What the hell do these tasks entail? Well, you’ll just have to purchase a deck of the Ring of Faiyah card game for yourself at a wallet-friendly price tag of RM28, inclusive of delivery. Access http://ringoffaiyah.com for more details!

PS: The card game also makes a wonderful gift 😉

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