Recently, I was fortunate enough to have been offered an opportunity to try out Natasha Beauty & Wellness’ Botanical Jet Peel Treatment. With little to no research done prior, I was hesitant at first not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. The words jet peel just seemed very intimidating if not distressing.

However with the recent discovery of the prominence of imperceptible fine lines on my face, I freaked out and jumped the gun. If you must know, I’m unfortunately nearing my late twenties this year. 😭

Photo: Natasha Beauty & Wellness

Natasha Beauty & Wellness

Though I asked to be briefed prior, there was no prep work I needed beforehand so I arrived with clean skin with no makeup on. My treatment was performed at Natasha Beauty & Wellness’ Jalan Maarof outlet in Bangsar and albeit having no trouble getting there, parking at the near nonexistent lot wasn’t an easy feat since the clinic is located on the main road.

Upon stepping foot into the modern and opulent looking clinic, I quickly noticed its clean, open, serene and welcoming ambience. The staff were no less inviting as they were jovially friendly and attended to my queries the soonest they could. I then learned that most of them were transferred over from Natasha’s branch in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here’s a little backstory: The award-winning, halal-certified, leading aesthetic company in Indonesia was founded in 1999 by husband and wife, dr. Fredi Setyawan and drg. Tantri Onny Bianti in East Java — after dr. Fredi discovered an innovative formulation that improved his wife’s skin condition. He then patented it.

Fast forward till today, Natasha Beauty & Wellness boasts over 100 outlets across Indonesia, offering more than 20 years of expertise specialising in affordable high-tech natural science beauty treatments, including facials, hair treatments and body spa services, amongst others.

Botanical Jet Peel Treatment

The time for my appointment finally came around and I first walked into the doctor’s office for a skin consultation. She explained that the Botanical Jet Peel is a painless procedure which involves an anti-ageing botanical serum and high-pressured oxygen that pulverises at a speed of 200m/s.

This jet stream gently yet effectively impacts the skin and unclogs pores, exfoliates, hydrates and removes any debris that has built up naturally within the skin over the years. It claims to improve the skin’s overall radiance and complexion, helping it look healthier and more youthful.

The process began with the cleansing of my face and neck area to remove any excess makeup, dirt and oil. Once my skin was prepared, the aesthetician began with the Botanical Jet Peel Treatment with a handheld device that resembles a mechanical stylus which sprays a high velocity jet stream. The procedure lasted about 30 minutes or so.

She went back and forth with the device, working in small areas of the face and neck. As the passes were made all I felt was a cooling, light pressure sensation which was almost soothing although it did feel a little ticklish on more sensitive areas. On problem areas with clogged pores and blackheads, she made extra passes.


The end result exceeded my expectations – My skin was left plump and glowing from within, but more importantly, my skin felt as though it was re-texturised. Many of the tiny bumps were gone and it felt a whole lot smoother. I also noticed that my skin better absorbed other products applied onto it, promoting enhanced efficacy.

I cannot say whether or not the Botanical Jet Peel Treatment would be well-suited for those with acne or problematic skin. However, I’d highly recommend the treatment to anyone looking to revitalise a dull complexion with no downtime. It’d also work as a quick yet effective solution should you have to look your absolute best for a special occasion.

Each Botanical Jet Peel Treatment is priced between RM200 and RM300. To make an appointment for a consultation and should you have inquiries, kindly contact Natasha Beauty & Wellness Malaysia at +603-2201 9922/03-2201 9944 or connect with beauty centre via FacebookAlternatively, you can visit the beauty centre itself at No.96 Jalan Maarof, Kuala Lumpur which opens from 10am to 8pm daily.

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