Happy 2018! As we settle into the New Year and say good riddance to 2017, we didn’t waste our time worrying about superfluous things, instead, we decided to engage in our favourite pastime –food and drink– at SOULed Out Kuala Lumpur.

The restaurant is best known for covering a wide spectrum of drinks and cuisines. But the most significant instalment this year is the new open-concept kitchen, ChillnGrill, which is complete with wood-fired pizza oven, grill and tandoor oven to make every evening a decadent treat for the whole gang.

Sloppy Joe Pizza – RM24

If your family loves grilled food, then ChillnGrill would be the right choice for you, as the menu is designed to cater to a large group of guests, delivering only the freshest, most seasonal premium chilled meats and cuts which are not available on the à La Carte menu.

You’re also invited to gather up your friends and enjoy each other’s company at SOULed Out while sampling yummy bites as well as a cold one together after work. Let’s take a look at these yummy offerings.. (the Nasi Lemak Pizza sure looks interesting, doesn’t it?)

Tender Sirloin – RM69/RM99
Chicken Skewers – RM45
Asiana (Nasi Lemak) Pizza – RM18
Lamb Shoulder – RM59
Ribeye – RM69/RM99
Roasted Duck Pizza – RM24

Available in SOULed OUT Kuala Lumpur starting from 5pm daily, The ChillnGrill concept will eventually be extended on the first Sunday of every month and introduce premium items like lobsters, tomahawk steaks, Sunday roasts and other brunch favourites.

With that, interested parties can call 03-2300 1955/012-2001955 for reservations or connect with SOULed OUT Kuala Lumpur via Facebook to learn more.

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