There is no problem that six glasses of wine can’t solve, they say. While this rings true for many of us, actually heading out to pick up some vino from the store can be exceedingly daunting, especially when you are straight up clueless. And then, trying your hardest not to break anything while lugging the bottles home is yet another predicament on its own.

Well, Ministry of Wine – a brand new e-commerce site dedicated to serving the growing Malaysian online wine market – is about to change all that once and for all. Brought to you by Focus Dynamics Group, the site will soon be listing over 5,000 labels of wine sourced from all over the globe, including both Old and New World wines.

Too feed Asia’s growing appetite for wine, Ministry of Wine also aims to enhance all of its users’ shopping experiences by offering a slew of bespoke services such as bottle personalisation, curated recommendations catered to wine aficionados, as well as e-sommelier live chat sessions to find the ideal bottle for you according to your preferences.

Being able to buy wine online is one thing, but being able to be educated on the different wines and to understand the various taste profiles as well as its food pairings is a completely different ballgame altogether. And we’re so glad Ministry of Wine is able to change the way we approach our wine.

On top of Ministry of Wine’s official website, a mobile app is also in the pipeline and will be made available by the next quarter of 2018.

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Carmen Chong
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