We’re certain that the world’s adoration for bubble tea will never dwindle, and while we ourselves occasionally enjoy indulging in these flavoured tea-based beverages topped with satisfyingly chewy tapioca balls, the fact of the matter is that these yummy pick me ups are often generously laden with sugar and empty calories with no nutrients whatsoever.

Photo: Instagram via @chaiyotea

Can’t give up your bubble tea obsession? That’s where Chai Yó comes in as a healthier alternative. This newcomer extends similar thirst-quenching beverages without the added sugar or hidden chemicals unbeknownst to most, and they’re just as gratifying and packed with flavour.

Photo: Instagram via @chaiyotea

Chai Yó essentially offers tea blends and beverages made from high quality loose leaf tea sourced from around the globe, but before you’re convinced that the above description just spells b-o-r-i-n-g, know that some of its unique tea blends are concocted with fruits, veggies, herbs and other ingredients to create distinct yet unconventional flavours.

Whether you like your tea served hot, cold, in a frappe or the old school way with a ceremonious pot, your Chai Yó beverages can also be customised to your liking. Choose from cow or plant-based milks including soy, rice or almond, and finish them off with a dash of sweetener, either in the form of sugar, stevia or honey.

No proper bubble tea is complete without the pearls, and Chai Yó’s signature pearls are unlike any other. Prepared fresh every morning from scratch with a never-before-seen contraption, the pearls are largely made from good ol’ tea encapsulated in tiny jelly-like spheres that give off a nice, pleasurable bite.

Visit Chai Yó in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall at the following location – Lot LG 1.65A. Alternatively, learn more about Chai Yó via its official website or on social media through Facebook and Instagram.

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