We’ve all been there on our love/hate relationship with WhatsApp – Hitting ‘Send’ on precariously non-parent friendly messages to our folks, or worse still, texting about our crush, well, in a conversation with our crush by accident. And though the social messaging service has been allowing its users to unsend messages for a while now, the feature just got even better.

The Facebook-owned chat app has just extended the amount of time you get to choose the ‘Delete for Everyone’ option on a rogue message from merely seven minutes and now, to over an hour. That means you’ll have plenty of time to take back messages you didn’t mean to send in the first place.. provided the recipient hasn’t seen it.

Photo: The Sun

To be exact, WhatsApp will be giving you exactly 4,096 seconds to recall a text message, which amounts to about 68 minutes and 16 seconds – 10 times longer than the existing recall time. Though there hasn’t been an official announcement, WABetaInfo discovered the upgrade in a new WhatsApp update. Let’s just hope it will be avail for everyone soon!

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