Meet Jamie Chua – An Insta-famous Singaporean socialite who boasts a closet the size of a planet, as featured on INSIDER‘s series entitled Bonkers Closets.

Spanning 700 square feet, which tips on the expansive scale for an average, modern condo unit in the Klang Valley, her closet even comes with a fingerprint lock access to keep all her luxury pieces safe.

Chua explains that there is a “filing cabinet system” used to organise all her items, but admits, “Although it’s still not enough for me, I need more closet space.”

In total, she has amassed over 300+ pairs of designer shoes averaging about $1,500 per pair, 200+ Hermes bags, chest of drawers filled with diamond jewellery, and more.

Her number one prized item? A mini white gold Himalayan crocodile Birkin studded with 245 diamonds costing $11,800 and is too small to even store a phone. Wow, just wow.

You may be wondering, “How the hell does she fund her lavish life?” Well, on top of her skincare line, Chua reportedly receives about $300,000 monthly in alimony from her billionaire ex-husband.

Since the release of the episode of Bonkers Closets, Chua’s video has been watched over 50 million times. What on earth though..

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