Coca-Cola isn’t just everyone’s favourite thirst quencher. The fizzy soft drink also works great in many recipes (have you had Coca-Cola Chicken?) as well as a major mixer for alcohol that’s ultra versatile. And perhaps The Coca-Cola Company had an epiphany while connecting the dots there because.. *drumroll* it is launching its first ever alcoholic drink!

Coca-Cola’s new alcoholic beverage will only be sold in Japan as of now, but the alcopop-style drink taps into the Chu-Hi (an abbreviation for shochu highball) market – canned sparkling flavoured drinks with a local spirit called shochu added into them. It will contain between 3% and 8% alcohol per can.

Photo: Janayugomonline

If you’ve ever been to Japan, chances are you’ve probably patronised vending machines or a convenience stores for its crazy bevy of canned and bottled drinks. Some of Japan’s drink power players include Kirin, Suntory and Asahi, so Coca-Cola will evidently be competing with those. We can’t wait to try it anyway!

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