Nadhira, a Malaysian born singer-songwriter who grew up moving between London, Jakarta, Brunei and Kuala Lumpur, began her musical adventure at the age of 9 when she first held a piano and discovered her love for music.

She spent her teenage years composing and writing songs, which led her to release her first EP, From Malaysia with Love in 2010 that scored her a showcase in Toronto, Canada. The release surprised her with three #1 tunes on Malaysian radio charts (“Do It Again”, “Breaking Up” & “You Got Me”).

Now, after the success of her single #AV in 2014, the R&B songstress returns to the music scene to thrill fans with a different sound and look with the release of her latest single featuring local rapper SXPH, accompanied by a music video, Hold Me Down.

A follow-up from her Julyer EP release last year, Hold Me Down is Nadhira’s second single and was written based on a past relationship. The trap-infused-R&B track is a Bryan B production, that strings gritty beats and a distinct, haunting tune together, a departure from her usual mellow, melodic sounds.

“A past break up was what inspired the song. Every lyric written was exactly what I experienced in that relationship – when you’re finally ready to move on from the heartbreak, they come back and try to pull you back in, which is not a healthy thing to do,” revealed the musician.

“When Saph (SXPH) came in and added his flavour to it, it became an even bigger sound to me. Then, images were coming to my mind. Visually, I wanted Hold Me Down to be different, timeless and strong, yet simple at the same time. And that kind of lead to the concept of the music video.”

Looks like we’ve found another local act to keep up with. Follow Nadhira on Spotify and connect with her via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively, you can also visit her official website to learn more. 

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