What a time to be alive! As if ultrasound images don’t do your unborn children justice, a Russian firm has now made it possible for expectant parents to 3D print a three dimensional model of their foetus with incredible detail, including its facial features and even body parts.

Photo: Mirror Online

The 3D model gives parents a real glimpse of how their future baby would look like, but more importantly, the model can be used to look for signs of physical abnormalities in the child. Ivan Gridin, the founder of the firm Embryo 3D, first invented the technology to help a pregnant friend who was worried about the health of her child.

The expectant mother, Yuliana Recu, first undergoes an ultrasound scan and using the results, a 3D printed model is replicated. These models can also be modified to create a metal-plated version. Gridin only printed the models from plastic when he first started, but now plaster models are possible.

We have to agree. These models are way better than blurry Polaroid photos of your unborn child, but wouldn’t it take away from the magical moment your baby arrives and you get to hold it in your arms for the first time? That said, we’re legit impressed!


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