That was quick! it’s only been about two weeks since K-pop icon G-Dragon started serving in the South Korean army, but his fellow soldiers are already complaining.. thanks to his crazy legion of fans! According to reports, G-Dragon has been receiving so much fan letters that other soldiers are prevented from receiving their own.

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G-Dragon’s management company YG Entertainment even went as far as to release a statement asking fans to send him letters “in moderation” to his training centre inbox. The statement read:



“We have an urgent announcement for G-Dragon fans. With all of your warm support, he is training healthily. However, due to a large amount of letters, G-Dragon is in a difficult situation at the army base. The training centre’s e-mail account (for receiving letters) is frozen due to the abundance of letters for him. The e-mails are printed out then distributed to the soldiers-in-training, so paper and ink are running out. Due to this overload, the other soldiers have been unable to receive their letters. As this situation repeats itself, G-Dragon has to apologise to fellow trainees. In an unfamiliar environment, fan support has been a source of strength for him. However, for the sake of his training camp life, please send letters moderately. Thank you.”

Photo: Yonhap News

G-Dragon is now a part of the South Korean Army’s Third Infantry Division recruit training centre in Gangwon since February 27. After a duration of five weeks, he will be transferred to one of the units under the Third Division before serving as an active duty soldier.

He will only be discharged on November 26 2019. Guys, we know you love G-Dragon, but there’s no harm being a little more considerate for the sake of the other soldiers!

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