The worst thing about wearing a giant and symbolic rock on your finger is, well, losing it. And if you know you’re just clumsy and absent-minded in general, it’s probably not the best idea.. yeap, no matter how much you adore your significant other and want the whole world to know that you’re engaged or attached for life.

There is now a solution though that would make your rock physically impossible to misplace – some people are now piercing their ring finger to make a more permanent mark. You do still get the diamond, except, it’s forever embedded into your finger and it also looks incredibly painful.

Some of the designs we’ve seen involve a single diamond placed where a conventional ring would be worn, and others boast more intricate designs. You will still be able to remove the piercing should your relationship fail, but a tiny scar will be left behind so it’ll remind you of your commitment regardless, so you better think twice. Maybe thrice.

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