It’s 2018, and dealing with guys who fall in the f*ckboy category has become somewhat inevitable. By definition, they are a specific type of male millennial douchebags who lead girls on just for hookups, says he’s really into you but doesn’t want to deal with all the relationship bullsh*t because he’s.. and I quote, “not ready for it”. Pfft.

The worst thing is not realising you’re being played by one, or when you’re kind of in denial about it. But, at the end of the day, the message is still clear — you need to GTFO. Life is a lot less fun when you have to deal with these John Tucker-types, so here are 8 surefire signs that you should abandon this ‘ship right away:

1. “Hey, supp?”

This guy has no intention of having actual, meaningful conversations with you, and all he ever does is message you privately, either exclusively on WhatsApp (which is preferred) or by DMs on social media. He doesn’t really care when you text him anything other than sultry selfies or nudes — and his go-to phrase is, “What’s up?”, which will then be followed by the standard booty-call-to-action  – “Let’s meet up”.

2. “My place tonight?”

Like seriously, no effort. His idea of a romantic date is Netflix and chill and you never ever get asked out on proper dates — NO, that time you went to the mamak does not count. He may be low key in his approach, but if he’s not willing to go the extra mile to make you feel special, then he’s not worth your time. Simple as that.

Note: If the only time he invites you out is to attend booze-filled parties, just know that he’s probably hoping that you’d be #DTF by the end of the night. Sounds familiar?

3. Boy be lurking on your social media

He is the first to notice something on your social media but never responds publicly. Whether it is your Facebook post, tweet or Instagram photo, this guy will usually slide into your DMs to say something about your bomb-ass photo instead of commenting on it directly. You could say that this is a smart move on his end as it will prevent his friends (as well as yours) from witnessing any evidence that he’s talking to you, which gives him the chance to date other girls freely.

4. The modern horror story – ghosting

At the beginning, the ghoster is seemingly normal. He texts you back in a timely manner and when you go out, he’s sweet and generous. Then all of a sudden, bam! He’s gone. You can tell yourself he got hit by a bus all you want, but the truth is he was always a player. Don’t worry, he’ll come back when he’s bored — but my mom always tells me that you should never entertain calls from the dead.

5. Only calls you after 10PM

Also called the night owl, this type of player only calls you during night time and usually only has a few hours to hang out — and by hang out, I mean have sex. You know he’s not ever going to date you for real, so why give him the chance to treat you like a booty call? Ignore his texts or better yet, block his number.


6. Your ex-boyfriend is a f*ckboy too, that’s why you broke up

Ugh, this one is one of the worst. You dated for a while, probably a year. Things didn’t work out, but somehow you end up sleeping together after he randomly texts, “Miss you.” You guys hang for a bit, and then he decides he’s “not ready” to get back together, then proceeds to bring up some issues the two of you have had while you were dating as the reason. Meanwhile, you’re upset you let yourself think he has changed.

7. He has a girlfriend 

This type will sleep with whoever he wants, whenever he wants and he’s got every excuse in the book to make you believe that it’s all his girlfriend’s fault. Sometimes, he’ll even go to the extent of posting pictures of his SO on social media only to delete it days later, and say things like, “I was forced to post that photo to make my GF happy, but I’m tired of her.” LOL, this dude definitely has no balls.

8. Has had one too many flings

Just ask around, look up those mutual contacts and hear what they have to say about this guy. If even one person says “just don’t”, then, you just don’t, honey. Word travels, and that’s one of the easiest ways you can find out.

9. He blows you off last minute 

When you’ve finally set up an actual date, somehow, he’ll bail on you and provide little or no explanation. However, the nicer ones will still go out with you, but doesn’t text you to follow up, and when you ask if you’re still on he’s just like, “Sure, where should I meet you?” Umm, pass. Clearly he’s not that interested, so save yourself the trouble and ditch him right away.

10. He sends “Good Morning” texts, but that’s it

Contrary to popular belief, the good morning text is not necessarily a good thing. Sure, it’s cute. But it can also be a classic way for a f*ckboy to disguise himself as a nice guy. Plus, he was probably trying to kill time while being stuck in morning traffic, so..

With that said, I’d like to note that not all men who possesses these behaviours are fuckboys. But girl, if you know he has a girlfriend or if he has a bad rep that your friends have even warned you to stay away, then you know what to do.

Till next time 💕

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