Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo, which is famous for its HEATTECH technology, has ditched the heat generating garment range for Spring/Summer 2018 as the brand unveils a new Batik Motif Collection, featuring traditional textiles that harmonise cultural heritage with modern elements.

Inspired by the diversity of Indonesian cultural motifs — Sido, Ceplokan and Kembang — the silhouettes were designed, crafted and produced in Indonesia.

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The easy-to-wear collection which uses light and comfortable materials that are well-suited to the tropical climate of Southeast Asia offers an extensive lineup of items, including stand collar shirts for men, while the women’s line will feature frilled sleeves and ruffled blouses for more feminine accents that fit with a contemporary lifestyle and can be worn daily.

Uniqlo’s Batik Motif range will launch on 23rd March at stores in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, and will consist of both Women’s and Men’s lineups. Additional Men’s items will be introduced at the end of May.

Visit Uniqlo or connect with the brand via Instagram or Facebook to learn more. 

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