If you feel old, cranky or constantly tired — then you should take some inspiration from Ms. Qi, a 73-year-old Chinese retired teacher who travels around the world to skip providing live-in care to her descendants.

“Why do elderly Chinese people have to do housework, and look after their children and grandchildren?” she tells Pear Video. “We should have our own lives.”

Apparently, the grey nomad who has visited countries in Europe, North America and Asia, travels on a tight budget by carpooling and couch-surfing or staying in dormitories – and then posting about it all on social media.

“I have a public account, and I’ve had it for about five months. I write everything: my memories, my inspirations – a diary of memories for my children and grandchildren.” said Ms Qi, revealing that she also video-calls her 92-year-old mother daily to let her know how she is.

Ms Qi’s story first came to light when a three-minute video of her adventure went viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo, gaining over 11 million views at the time of writing.

Thousands of web users from China applauded the elderly social media star for her independence and free spirit, and expressed that they aspire to be like her when they grow older. Salute!



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