Fashion retailer ASOS is THE ultimate shopping hub. Whether you’re after a party dress or casual trainers, you’ll definitely find what you need on the huge online shop.

However, it’s tricky to see what the virtual items will look like on your body shape, so you often need a trip to the post office to return the jeans that didn’t fit quite as you’d hoped – but, consider this as your lucky day because that’s all about to change.

ASOS’ latest feature set to hit the site will show online shoppers what the selected item will look like on various body types, which means you’ll have a clearer idea of whether it will suit your usual style.

That’s a pretty big deal – not just in terms of making shopping easier (and hopefully reducing how often we end up having to return things that looked loads better on the model) but for representation. It means a lot that major brands are hiring models that don’t fit one rigid norm. Finally.


ASOS confirmed the feature on their own account, saying that it will soon roll out across their app. “We’re still trying out this new tech but keep an eye on our app and our social media pages for the latest updates on this!”

For now, you’ll spot certain items worn by one size 6 to 8 model, one 10 to 12 model, and one 14 to 16 model.




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