Okay, we admit – we’re slightly obsessed with the American comedy-drama Jane the Virgin that parodies common storylines of Latin telenovelas. It’s been four seasons and to say that we are emotionally invested to all the beloved characters of the TV show would be an understatement. If you haven’t given it a chance, YOU SHOULD.

Jane the Virgin is centred, well, on Jane Villanueva, the sassy 20-something Latina played by none other than Gina Rodriguez, who just so happens to be so damn relatable. And on top of earning her directorial debut on the show, it has just been announced that the American actress will be playing Carmen Sandiego in Netflix’s live-action feature!

Photo: Consequenceofsound

That’s right – Gina will be starring as the beloved and stylish detective, the hero of a massive media franchise which dates back to 1985. Currently, no other actors, writers or directors have been revealed, but we are so stoked to see Rodriguez pull stunts in her coat and fedora!

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