We often discuss about unrealistic beauty standards, but ironically, those ridiculous hair ads on television rarely make the cut into the conversation. Soft, ultra shiny, billowy-looking hair that is pin straight without a kink in sight, and no flyaway whatsoever. Better yet, the hair moves rhythmically with the wind. Really?

As it turns out, those women in commercials do NOT have hair like that. They’re just like everyone else. It’s the tricks they employ behind these ads that make the hair on these models so perfect, as a new campaign – Hair You Can Believe – by haircare brand Suave reveals.

First off, there is the green screen used to create waterfall-like hair flips. There are men dressed in green holding green rods playing with the models’ hair. They also stuff foam balls underneath hair to attain unimaginable volume. A lot of fake hair is also involved. Have we been lied to this whole time?

We’re so glad more real-women initiatives and transparency like this one are becoming increasingly prominent. After all, the more relatable and realistically achievable, the better!

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Carmen Chong
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