Say goodbye to the days where you need to tuck your skin into your pants because we’ve found a new pair of skinny jeans that will reportedly help you lose weight as you put it on — well, according to the brand at least. 5kg jeans

The tight-fit jeans belong in a line called 5KG Jeans produced by popular Korean-based fashion label Chuu, designed to hug the wearer’s legs in the right areas which gives slimming effects while making the wearer’s arse look more toned and thigh gap more prominent.

Here’s how they work their magic. These Chuu denims have undergone multiple style modifications before finalising on their master pair, in which the team has worked hard to create silhouettes that’ll fit any body shape perfectly.

Available in six different colours, the jeans are not only super comfy and stretchy, but they fit like gloves too! It features nine variations which include denim, cotton, skinny, straight cut, short, wide, high, midi and low rise. On top of that, the 5kg series also comes in mini-skirts, so there’s basically everything for everyone!


From the looks of it, we highly doubt that the 5kg jeans series will actually help you lose weight, but this may be a good way to keep everything in place and prevent them from jiggling when they’re not supposed to 😛

Visit Chuu to learn more. 


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