Oh no.. The next time you’re visiting Japan, make sure you have at least 1,000 yen left over as all travellers leaving the nation will be required to pay a departure tax of the aforementioned amount beginning January 7 2019.

The departure tax applies to both the citizens of Japan and foreigners leaving the country by plane or ship, and will be added into airfares and ship fares accordingly.

With that said, toddlers below the age of two and transit passengers leaving Japan within 24 hours of arrival are to be exempted from this tax.

Photo: Finance Review

The new tax is aimed at boosting tourism infrastructure and promote attractions in rural Japan, aside from funding tourism campaigns and offering free wireless internet and electronic payment systems on public transportation within Japan.

Other than that, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Osaka Prefectural Government are already charging a lodging tax of 100 to 300 yen per person per night and Kyoto will soon be implementing the same.


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