In case you haven’t heard, Polyvore, a popular community-powered shopping website, no longer exists. For over 10 years, millions of users around the world would pop over to the free site to gain inspiration, share their own unique style guides, or simple-to-organize design-related elements in one centralized storage location.

Unfortunately, that all changed last week when e-commerce site SSENSE acquired the platform and shut it down INDEFINITELY without warning. The move sparked outrage among hardcore Polyvore users, many of whom depend on the website for work.

But don’t worry, all hope is not lost as we’ve discovered a few websites that offer the same features you would expect to find on the now-dead Polyvore.

1. ChicVore

ChicVore is a new iteration of the community, created by Polyvore users and a team from 10 Best Network. It is already in a beta version which is invite-only for the time being, but early access are granted to special members. “We are calling the community to join us as we find a new home. We are ready to do whatever it takes to make ChicVore come to life the way it was before, and we want to work with everybody who was a part of the old platform.”

2. Shoplook

ShopLook helps everyday women discover outfit ideas designed by trendsetters (like you) who have created looks for every occasion, body type and budget. The user-friendly website pretty much works like Polyvore, and the best part is, you don’t even have to pay for the service!

3. Urstyle

Aside from shopping, creating and designing your fashion boards, users can also opt to be a part of the growing community by sharing your opinions on the website’s forum.

4. TrendMe represents a unique internet project and fashion community which uses fashion as the main reason to connect people all around the world. It’s fun, and users will also be able to create different avatars for each look.

5. Like To Know

Have you ever seen something that your favorite fashion blogger wore in a #ootd post but couldn’t figure out where they got the outfit from? Now you can shop the look on this website.



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