Let’s face it – Eating on the plane isn’t fancy. Not only are you stuck in a cramped space eating off of a tray table, you are also being served a pre-packed meal which.. could taste rather bleh. That said, what if your dining experience on an airplane could be a glamorous one just this once?

Photo: Planeinthecity

This April, the people behind Malaysia’s Dining in the Sky are bringing you Plane in the City – A first-of-its-kind 90-minute dining experience in an actual Boeing 737 aircraft whereby you will be served freshly prepared meals and do the unthinkable, including walking on the wings of the plane, and sticking your head out of the pilot’s cockpit for selfies.

Located at SKYLAND, Bukit Bintang, this unique attraction will only be able to sit 20 people per session and food aboard the aircraft, which will be prepared by Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur, will comprise three tiers – Economy Class (from RM199), Business Class (RM399) and First Class (RM999, including a one-night stay at Le Meridien KL).

Pumped yet? Stay tuned for updates via www.planeinthecity.com.

Carmen Chong
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