Most women don’t have the time or patience to apply fake eyelashes every day (we barely have enough time to use mascara!), so it’s no surprise that eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years. Long, dark lashes.. without putting on makeup?

Wow. Imagine waking up and looking like Zayn Mailk every day.

But as much as it can help to boost one’s confidence, horror stories and concerns about possible damage to natural eyelashes may have prevented some from experimenting with these lash treatments.

Exhibit A: “When I decided to give my eyelash extensions a ‘break’ and get them off, my natural lashes were the shortest, stubbiest things I’d ever seen. It was horrifying. They were so short I could barely curl them with a lash curler. I was so horrified that I immediately told my lash technician I had changed my mind and wanted a full set of extensions again. It was a dark time.”

Exhibit B: “I was in love with them. However, the bliss lasted for about two weeks. After that, the lashes began to crisscross and look sparse. Once they were gone, I was relieved, but my eyelashes looked bald.”

So, what’s the verdict? Can extensions really ruin your natural eyelashes? The answer is: yes, only if your salon sucks. In other words, if you know someone whose natural lashes were damaged in any way by extensions, then the problem lies with the salon that did the application.

It is important to note that poor lash extension jobs do not always indicate that the technician did a poor job, as it primarily depends on the type of adhesive used to affix each extension to that natural lash. Even good technicians can have bad results when they’re working with inferior adhesives or are hamstrung by ineffective application techniques.

A truly professional salon avoids those problems by using only the best and safest adhesives in an application process designed to achieve the highest possible level of quality, in which adhesives are applied with the utmost care to ensure that each extension is glued to only one lash, while avoiding direct contact with the skin.

When done properly, there should never be any unexpected lash damage, including unnatural lash loss.

Thus, before booking an appointment, you should always remember to check the salon’s credentials and ask if the lash artist is certified and which brand of extensions they use. Do some homework and go with someone who has at least two years of experience if you can find positive reviews online.

There should be no glue on your skin; there should be no extension attached to your skin — just extension attached to natural lash. If you feel like something’s wrong or your skin feels like it’s being pinched, go back to your aesthetician immediately.

P/S: No. Pulling eyelash extensions out yourself can damage your natural lashes. Book an appointment and have a professional remove them for you. Yes, this is annoying (and can cost more money), but so are bald eyelids.


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