Looks like every millennials’ favourite past time, selfie, has reached new heights — hotel guests will soon be able to check in by taking a front photo of themselves using a new mobile phone app that utilises the fingerprint and facial recognition technology.

Currently on trial from this month to December at the Grand Park City Hall hotel, Singapore, the self check-in app which allows guests to enter his or her room without having to do any paperwork, can also be used to control the lights, air-conditioner and television.

Developed by artificial intelligence solutions firm GTRIIP, the all-in-one app serves as a “pocket concierge” by allowing guests to skip the process of queuing and waiting at the hotel lobby to be issued physical key cards to their rooms.

Users only need to upload a photo of their passports, key in their credit card details – which will be authenticated by a one-time password – and take a photo of themselves. Guests will then be registered once the details have been verified by the hotel.

The app which is still in the testing phase is due to release its final version in the third quarter of this year. Will this technology ever come to our shores? We’ll soon find out!


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