Yes, wearing sunglasses sometimes helps us feel invincible. They protect our eyes from the sun, we look bad*ass, and we can stare at eye candy in a near-predatory manner without anyone knowing. However, with all these pros comes a huge con – Certain sunglasses styles can make the skin extra vulnerable to sun damage, and your aviators are one of them.

When it comes to picking out the right pair, here are some dermatologist-approved tips. The metal frames on aviators actually reflect sunlight on top of the cheeks to a great degree and cause them to burn. The outcome is terrible sun spots. Choose those with plastic frames instead to avoid this from happening.

Photo: Quay Australia

Additionally, always choose mirrored lenses as they block out more UV rays than the conventional tinted lenses. Just to remind you, the skin around the eyes is so thin and the most prone to damage as compared to the rest of the face, so anything that blocks out more harsh sun rays should be good.

It may seem insignificant, but if you love your skin enough, you’d do all that it takes to shield it!


Carmen Chong
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