If some of you think that bosses can be major cause of stress at work — well, you might be right. An article published by Quartz Magazine on business and employment-oriented website LinkedIn reveals that a bad boss can be as harmful to employees as passive smoking.

The article also says that the longer you stay in a job working for someone who stresses you, the greater the damage is to your physical and mental health.

To further understand on this matter, the data from the American Psychology Association shows that 75% of American workers believe their bosses are a major cause of stress at work. However, 59% of them would not leave the job as they are used to it, disregarding the fact that they are unhappy.

This further complicates their process of resignation as they are no longer motivated to search for a healthier working environment which could improve their situation.

With that said, although this research took place in America, we’re pretty sure that a lot of Malaysians could relate to this taxing issue too.

Let there be light.


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