We don’t care if you judge us, but the longer we can avoid washing our hair during the week, the happier we are. It’s such a chore sometimes, and who doesn’t want that extra 20 minutes of beauty sleep? If you’re anything like us, welcome to the club! And should you be looking for a quick fix for your greasy hair, here are six easy hairstyles that have never failed us.

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1. The half up bun – Prep your hair with dry shampoo to add volume, then section off the hair at the top and secure it in a messy bun. Pull out some strands to give it an undone finish. You can then either style the rest of your hair or leave it as is.

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2. Dutch braids – Dutch braids are so quick to do and they keep all the dirty hair away from the face. This is our go-to hairstyle for working out at the gym. You won’t have to worry about them going anywhere.

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3. Messy bun – The messy bun is literally the easiest hairstyle ever and all you need is dry shampoo, a hair tie and bobby pins to secure everything in place. It also looks classy and put together, which is always a bonus.

Photo: Pinterest4. Snatched ponytail – This hairstyle works in the favour of greasy hair. After securing your high and tight ponytail, spray some hair spray on your fingers and gently tame down any flyaways or baby hairs.

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5. French braid – This is another one of those fail-proof braids that keep everything tidy. You can also loosen the braids a little at the end to give it some volume and make it look fresh again.

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6. Low ponytail – You can do it however you like, but we prefer a sleek, center part to go with it. Pull out a few strands of hair to frame the face, and voila. You’re done.

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