Adulting is hard. Not only do you have to have your sh*t together at all times, you also have bills to pay and responsibilities you cannot dodge no matter how much you want to. And unsurprisingly, a recent survey by LinkedIn has shown that one in three young Malaysians are affected by the dreaded quarter-life crisis.

Evidently, young Malaysians are constantly facing the pressure to succeed, and according to the said survey, 32% of males and 29% of females in Malaysia have said that they have suffered quarter-life crisis in their twenties and thirties. This signifies feelings of dissatisfaction over their life, and should it get worse, anxiety and depression is the result.

Photo: Meme Guy

Out of 1,0003 employed young Malaysians surveyed, nearly three quarters of them admitted feeling pressured to succeed, whether it be in their relationships, finances or career. A major trigger of their anxiety? Finding a job or career they actually enjoy and are passionate about. That’s where LinkedIn’s new Career Advice hub comes in for aid.

Suffering from quarter-life crisis? Try these tips: 1) Stop comparing yourself to others. It’s easier said than done, but it will benefit you wholly mentally and emotionally; 2) Seek advice, whether it is from family, friends or your partner; 3) Upskill and learn to make yourself better in any fields of knowledge; and 4) Consider all options before you make hasty decisions about your job. Some companies offer paid sabbaticals or flexible working options. You just have to find out.

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