When air pollution comes to mind, often times what automatically comes to mind includes that of car exhausts, wildfires and industrial factories. With that said, did you know that indoor air can be anywhere from two to five times as polluted as the outdoors? It is often unrecognised and overlooked, yet the statistics are increasingly alarming.

Due to factors such as cleaning products, pet dander and cooking fumes, indoor air contains microscopic particles and a plethora of harmful compounds that are released into the air. These pollutants are then trapped within and the circulation of airflow becomes compromised in view of the structural framework in most modern homes.

The solution? Dyson’s brand new Pure Cool™ purifying fans which combine the brand’s expertise in airflow, filtration and technology to detect indoor pollution invisible to the human eye, and purify the air with its 360 degree fully-sealed filter system that captures 99.5% of microscopic allergens as well as pollutants as tiny as 0.1 microns.

Available in a large tower format for the floor and a small desk format for more compact spaces, Dyson’s Pure Cool™ purifying fans reacts automatically towards the pollutants using its unique algorithm with not one but two filters, including an activated carbon filter and a Glass HEPA filter.

On top of tracking your indoor pollution levels and displaying air quality readings, the smart purifying fans are also integrated with the Air Multiplier™ technology and 350 degree oscillation, enabling it to expand its degree of oscillation to 350 degrees and project 290 litres of purified air per second toward every angle of any room.

Should there be a temperature discrepancy in the winter, the purifying fans allow for two modes of use, comprising the diffused airflow mode which only purifies the room sans the cool air; and the regular forward airflow mode which delivers a frontward stream of purified air whilst purifying the room.

Dyson’s Pure Cool™ purifying fans are priced as follows – Dyson Pure Cool™ Desktop purifying fan (DP04), RM2,399, and Dyson Pure Cool™ Tower purifying fan (TP04), RM2,999. Both are now available for purchase in White/Silver, Black/Nickel and Iron/Blue at shop.dyson.my, the Dyson Demo at The Gardens Mall and major electrical retailers.

Carmen Chong
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