Giving yourself a great blowout at home can be challenging. There’s the disadvantage of not having three arms to reach the back of your head, you then have to deal with a dryer that starts to feel like a 12kg kettlebell halfway through the process. Basically, #thestruggleisreal.

Thus, to save your pain, here are some essential tricks for making your home blowout look its best and, more importantly, last well beyond your lunch break.

1. Apply products in the correct places

Adding product to your the body of your hair and ends with help prevent damage. Product on the root can help volume, but, again, applying too much will shorten the length of time your blowout will last, as it can make your hair greasy too quickly.

2. Use the right brush

Every hair type is so different, so using the correct brush for you specifically helps with the overall outcome. Boar-bristle brushes are great. However, if your hair is very thick or curly, a ceramic brush will help achieve a smoother finish though constant overuse will burn the hair shaft. It’s best to always check with your stylist to figure out which brush suits you best.

3. Invest in a good hair dryer

In my opinion, the best on the market for blow-drying your own hair is the Dyson—it doesn’t get too hot, and the diffuser attachment for curly hair is really where it excels. For thicker hair, I’d recommend the Twin Turbo 3500. It’s lightweight and very powerful. Always make sure to use the smaller nozzle to smooth your hair, and concentrate the heat from the hair dryer to the section you’re working on.

4. Don’t touch the nozzle to your brush

You brush and hair dryer placement is important. The biggest mistake is to touch the nozzle of the hair dryer with your brush, sandwiching your hair in between. This will not only burn your hair but it’ll also ruin your brush.

5. Always split your hair into clean sections

This will prevent the overlap of too much heat on your hair. Plus, overworking your hair in that way will make it all the more staticky.

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