He finally popped the question and you said yes! It’s time to start scrolling through Pinterest for enviable wedding ideas and get started on your own wedding scrapbook. This is going to be the wedding of your dreams, even if it kills you. After all, you’ve managed life thus far, so what’s a wedding?

And yet, the more you look through ideas, the more overwhelming it becomes. Are these excessive decorations even possible for your wedding budget? How do you even start with the planning? Admittedly, perhaps you could use a little bit of help. Enter a wedding planner.

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But wouldn’t a wedding planner burn a bigger hole in my pocket?

Not necessarily. In fact, wedding planners are professionals who know their way around to help you plan the wedding you want within your allocated budget, so you might even end up saving more. Besides, they usually work with vendors in the industry to offer better packages for cheaper than you can get if you were to enquire on your own.

At Wedding.com.my, you can even consult with wedding planners for free with no hidden charges. You only then have to fork out moolah for the wedding packages you have decided upon. Hence, there is really no harm in talking to them; you might even be able to learn a thing or two yourself.

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What can a wedding planner help you with exactly?

A wedding planner can essentially help with everything you need, from decor to the wedding photographer and even the wedding dress. The purpose of having a wedding planner is to help make planning your wedding less stressful, aside from helping you coordinate between the vendors to ensure everything runs smooth without a hitch.

How does it work?

The process is simple. All you need to do is let your wedding planner know exactly what your vision is, and what you require their services for. The wedding planner will then do all the work. They will filter through vendors to come up with options that best suit your needs. Ultimately, it is still your decision to make and they’re just there to lend you a helping hand.

On the day of your wedding, they can also help with your schedules to ensure that you are able to fully enjoy your special day with the least amount of stress possible. Did we mention that Wedding.com.my does all this for you for free? No commission prices, no service charges. You only get charged for the wedding packages you ultimately opt for.

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If you are convinced that hiring a wedding planner might be the thing for you, find out more by contacting Wedding.com.my. There are planners specialising in Chinese weddings, Malay weddings and also Indian weddings.

Should you feel the need to do all the planning yourself, that’s fine too! Access Wedding.com.my for a list of trusted vendors and find some wedding inspiration. It’s your special day, so do what suits you best.

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