Have you ever dumped someone because he or she hated your favourite show? Or had teeth that reminded you of corn kernels? Or even just because the person walked too loudly? A petty one, sure, but reason enough not to want to see them again.

Don’t worry, you are not alone! According to our recent survey, there are thousands of people with some super-petty reasons for not dating someone, and if you’re not one of these petty people, then you’ll probably laugh (or roll your eyes) when you read these trifling comments:

1. “If she has an annoying mole, bad body odour or funky breath.. can’t stand bad hygiene. I’d wild out for real.”

2. “I can’t date someone if his nose is too big that it looks disproportionate to his entire face. His big nostrils will give me anxiety.. and trust me, this has happened before.”

3. “I don’t know if it is petty but I won’t date a woman who already has kids. Don’t get me wrong, I tried and it didn’t work out. It’s just something I don’t want to go through again or at least not right now.”

4. “If I call her dude, and she gets offended. I will get TF up and walk out. I don’t give a shit.”

5. “When she smiles and you see more gum than teeth. The weird gum to tooth ratio is reason enough not to go on a second date.”

6. “Shorter than me, listens to country music, uses a fork for pizza, believes in god but not aliens, and likes sauerkraut. All of these are just a big ass NO 😂😂.”

7. “If she uses cutlery when eating chicken wings.”

8. “If he believes that deodorant is an acceptable substitute for soap…😖.”

9. “His name, if his voice is too girly or unexpectedly high-pitched, wears skinny jeans and have ugly hands. Been there, done that. It completely caught me off guard. I couldn’t get over it, second date never happened.”

10. “She enunciated every word ending in ‘ing’ with a ‘guh’. F***inguh makes me so upset.”

11. “If he got more females on his friends list then me! Gtf Hoe👌😂.”

12. “If they have more hair on their back than on their balls👀🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮.”

13. “One guy told me he couldn’t get past my short hair…and I’m like, you know it grows right.”

14. “Can’t date anyone who have kids even if I have my own. Lol I’m a single father of 3 I can’t add any more 😂😂”

15. “Doesn’t believe in pineapple or vegetables on pizza.”

16. “A petty reason someone wouldn’t date me was because I’d never seen Goodfellas 😂”

17. “Not picking up their feet when they walk”

18. “She is too pretty and I’m not the best looking”

19. “I guess this might sound mean but I can’t date anyone who have carpal tunnel syndrome.”

20. “If she has smaller tits than me. It’d be like I’m dating a boy.”

and lastly..

21. “I can’t date a guy who’s pettier than me.”

Nadee Mode
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