By now you would have probably heard about the Japanese KonMari as well as the Danish hygge way of living. And for 2018, enter wabi-sabi – An ancient 15th century Japanese philosophy centred upon finding beauty in imperfection through humble acceptance and mindful simplicity.

In other words, wabi-sabi symbolises both the fortunes and misfortunes which it then bears with dignity and grace. It doesn’t just apply as a compelling interior design trend that delivers superior aesthetic; it also is a lifestyle.

It’s about accepting things the way they are especially when you can’t change anything about it rather than wishing for something better, and training yourself to find the positives in situations that seem less than ideal. It’s also about being grounded and recognising the simplest pleasures in life.

Photo: Better Humans

The question is.. How can you integrate wabi-sabi into your life and what are some of the benefits you can reap from it?

First off, change your perspective. Instead of striving to perfect, learn to appreciate instead. As an example, you may be the owner of a used and worn table that has been passed down through generations. It bears marks and scratches, and instead of being conscious about its imperfections, you value it even more because of its battle scars.

From a design outlook, opt for used items instead of new, seek natural materials such as wood and stone that age well on top of colours akin to nature, and strip back on the unnecessary to live well. Get rid of pointless clutter and allow only the things that really matter in your life to stand out.

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On a personal level, your mindset will shift too in doing so. You will experience gratitude for what you have instead of constantly yearning for something new, and thus this promotes inner peace, stimulating serenity and tranquility in your daily lives. It’s the ideal framework for modern life that will also play a huge part in improving your mental health.

Are you ready to wabi-sabi your life?

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Carmen Chong
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