Britain’s Got Talent is no stranger to some daring stunts, but viewers were left stunned on its latest episode when a full-time illusionist put host Declan Donnelly at risk with a knife-throwing stunt. andrew lee

Andrew Lee, a 31-year-old contender from Malaysia, asked Dec and presenter partner Ant to join him on stage for what appeared to be an innocent card trick. Check out the video above to watch the full audition:

However, Dec was soon left looking a little sick as the twist to the trick was revealed – and Andrew strapped a board to his front and blindfolded him, before telling everyone else that he was going to retrieve Dec’s chosen card with the help of a knife. Pulling out the hand knife, Ant and the judges looked unsure at the idea (you don’t say!) but allowed the trick to continue.

Then, on the count of three by the audience, Andrew threw the knife straight at Dec – and caught the card. Dec then caught his breath and looked like he might wet himself.

Following the stunning stunt, Andrew, who travelled to the UK especially for the show, was given four yeses from the judges table, sending him through to the next round. And Dec was able to have a little sit down with all him limbs still in tact, which is also nice. Though Ant said he did need toilet roll following the moment.

So who is Andrew Lee? 

The talented magician, who also calls himself a mentalist and illusionist, has performed all across Asia and countries such as India, Egypt, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Australia. He also performed in Genting Highlands as their in-house magician.

Now a trained nutritionist from the Global Institute for Alternative Medicine in California, the home-schooled lad disclosed that he picked up magic at the age of 16, where it all began when he enrolled in a correspondence course from Australia.

His goal is “to entertain audiences not by merely showing tricks but wanting them to experience the wonderment of watching magic unfold before their very eyes.”

All the best, Andrew!



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