We all love our friends, but more often than not, there are a handful whose social media habits are, well.. intolerable by the average human.

It could be that they post Instagram photos one too many times daily, that their posts make you upset or uncomfortable, or that they aren’t aesthetically pleasing enough to your liking.

The problem is.. You’re obviously friends and it’d be awkward should they find out you’ve unfollowed them. Worse still? This could tarnish your friendship forever.

While Instagram has made it possible to mute someone’s Stories, the photo-sharing social networking platform just made the world a much better place by allowing users to mute Instagram posts too. Hurrah!

This much needed feature solves so many problems, and saves so many people from potentially hurting others! Clearly there was a user demand for it, and now the world is rejoicing.

Photo: The Verge

Don’t worry, when you mute someone, you will still get access to DMs from them, and at any given time, you will be able to browse through their Instagram profile page. You’ll also get notifications should they interact with you.

No more contemplating if you should risk your friendship by unfollowing. Thank you Instagram for making our feeds much more personalised and pretty!

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