You can ask 10 people if they like travelling and nine of them will tell you that they live to travel. Travelling is #lifegoals and you know, all the other basic answers you can find on a girl’s Instagram captions.

Being in a foreign place can be fun and intimidating simultaneously. With new sights to discover, cultures to experience, foods to try and people to meet, there are so many elements that make a good trip. In spite of that, have you ever heard of the saying, “It’s not the destination that matters, but the people you’re with?”

For all the reasons above that do make a good trip, things can also go wrong. When one has little to no clue of their surroundings, wrong decisions and mistakes are bound to be made. Hence, how you and your travel companions choose to respond to those pitfalls can either make or break your entire trip.

With that, here are five types of friends you may want to avoid travelling with if you don’t want your escape to paradise to turn into hell..

Photo: Ckanani

The fussy pot

It’s normal to set expectations, but when they aren’t met, that’s completely normal, too. You should always take the photos on the internet and your hotel’s website with a grain of salt because chances are, reality may not look nearly as close as you had envisioned. When you have a travel buddy who nitpicks at every little thing and kicks up a fuss, it can get agitating. Girl, that influencer probably has her background Photoshopped so can you stop sulking now because your shot isn’t going to look the same with hordes of people behind? C’mon, Disneyland is never empty.. Gosh.

The temperamental pal

Planning for a two-week trip can be stressful, but all will be fine with enough research. Even if you plan your itinerary right down from your flight seating to restaurant reservations, it may not go accordingly. That’s just life. Hence, adaptability and flexibility are qualities to have when travelling as sh*t tends to happen. What you don’t need is that friend who throws a fit when she finds out that the cab fare is $30 instead of $15 as per her research..

Photo: Instagram via @rayawashere

The stingy poker

Sure, having a budget for your trip is vital. With that said, it’s also difficult to avoid unforeseeable expenses. Not to mention, you’ve already made it all the way to the other side of the world! Don’t you think it’d be a waste to skip out on a major attraction just because it costs a little bit more? Go with the flow, but also be mindful. There is a fine line between being frugal and being stingy, so avoid that friend who insists on eating instant noodles for the third night in a row.

The self-centred buddy

When travelling with others, compromising is key. It also prevents conflict and honestly, being considerate is a small price to pay for a harmonious trip. Yes, there is so much to see, eat, do and shop, but everyone has different interests. Unless you want to fly solo, don’t be that dictator friend who decides to take charge and have a say in everything then gets upset when your other travel companions aren’t keen about something. Give and take!

Photo: Instagram via @elsas_wholesomelife

The whiny one

As aforementioned, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies when travelling and the ultimate travel companion to avoid at all costs is that one person who complains about.. well, everything. Believe it or not, but negativity spreads and this could affect the entire group in some way or another. This friend will find something to be annoyed about, whether it is the waiter, hotel staff, or the shower being not warm enough. Ugh.