You’re sitting on your luggage in hopes of stuffing everything in and praying feverishly that it doesn’t surpass the weight limit. Does this scenario sound all too familiar to you? Don’t worry girl, no judgments there ’cause a trip to a new destination can only mean endless #ootd opportunities!

While it is certainly fun to play dress up when we travel and throw on chic beachwear we never get to don in our everyday lives, the threat of having an overweight suitcase is very real indeed. Don’t get too frustrated though, ’cause here are some tips for you to pack light and still look on point during your vacay!

1) Choose lighter fabrics

Putting on a fully-sequinned dress can make you the star of the party, but the weight in your luggage is a real dampener. Opt for clothes made of lighter materials like chiffon, satin, linen and cotton for space optimisation. They don’t weigh as much and can be folded into tiny cubes without ruining the material. This means you now have extra space to bring more, yay!

2) Versatility is key

It’s tempting to hop onto the #norepeatootdchallenge bandwagon but it’s unrealistic and you’ll have to make do with re-wearing some of your clothes. The trick to looking varied is to bring pieces that can be matched with all sorts of items like a classic pair of jeans, a white tee, a black dress and so on. You can dress them up or down for various occasions.

3) Go for neutral footwear and bags

This is probably a fashionable girl’s biggest gripe – Just one bag and a pair of shoes for the whole trip?! Sadly, shoes and bags take up the most space and most girls don’t have the luxury of bringing more than a couple. You can still make it work if you have them in neutral colours as they can be worn with anything. Just a little tip: Nude or black works best!

4) Accessorise your way up

Never underestimate the power of a statement earrings or necklace. If you feel like your outfit is too plain, you can easily jazz it up with accessories to make your #ootd go from drab to fab. The best thing is, accessories can easily be chucked into your hand carry, so feel free to bring more of them without worrying too much about the space.

5) Take only the essentials

Let’s not forget about factoring in beauty while we’re at it. There is no need for your whole vanity to be carried along with you. The trick is to bring makeup that are foolproof and work on you every time. As for skincare, bust out those travel minis and samples you have laying around. Once you’re done using them, simply toss them to make space for souvenirs.

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