Group FaceTime Is Coming To iPhone iOS 12 Update – Along With Memoji & Animoji Video Call

You can share the screen with up to 32 people. 32 PEOPLE.

Unlike rival video-caller Skype, Apple has never offered group FaceTime – but thanks to the new iOS 12 update, you and 31 of your closest friends are officially in luck!

Group FaceTime is finally here.

The new iOS 12 update means you’ll be able to invite up to 32 people to a single FaceTime video call. What’s more, Apple is also integrating FaceTime into the main Messages app.

That means you can easily turn a group Messages chat into a group video call, so settling your group chat’s Friday night plans just got a whole lot easier. Something tells us your technology averse grandparents will also enjoy the convenience of catching up with the entire fam at once.

The FaceTime updates don’t stop there, though. Apple has also confirmed that FaceTime will support Animoji — the cute animated emoji avatars that only currently work on Apple’s RM5,000+ iPhone X, which brings us to yet another exciting addition.

However, if you don’t own an iPhone X, fret not. You can still use Apple’s new Memoji — a Snapchat-style Bitmoji that work just like animated face filters — in FaceTime, too.

Damn, the new update is sure going to be a hit with youngsters! I mean, who uses Skype anymore?

Are you excited for iPhone’s new FaceTime feature? I know I am 😀


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