You know what it is. Sometimes your bra feels right, but sometimes — it just feels too tight, making you wonder: “Did I gain weight in the last two days?” Probably, but then again, probably not as you might’ve picked the wrong bra size without realising it.

So, in case you’ve been struggling to find a bra that actually fits, you’re in luck, because we’re here to help.

1. Get to know your *breast friends* before even shopping for a bra — this will help you figure out the support you actually need. Not all boobies are created the same! But they probably fit into a category.

2. Learn up on what style bras are best designed for the shape of your breasts. You can pick mainly based on how you fill out cups, as every design offers a different kind of support.

3. Remember your bra’s life expectancy — a typical bra tends to last between six and nine months. If you reallyyyy care for your delicates, it can last up to a year. But even the most well-made bra isn’t made to last forever. Sigh.

4. Seek the guidance of a professional to learn your *correct* bra size. A lot of us think our band size is directly proportional to our cup size, and that’s simply not true. A proper measurement can sometimes drastically change your sizing!

5. Fret not if your breasts are two different shapes. That’s totally normal! Expected, even. When you shop for a bra, choose the one that fits your larger breast and then tighten the straps to ensure a snug fit.

6. Keep in mind stores don’t label their sizes consistently.  Sizes like 28A and 30AA are exactly the same. While letters like “E” and “G” are simply an extension beyond a “DD”. For example, “F” is also a “DDD”.

7. Make sure your bras pass this extremely simple test to see if they really do fit. If you can put your whole hand through the band, the bra is much too big.

8. Shop at as many stores as possible to truly discover which brand is best for you (don’t make a place your go-to just because you started there when you were 12, ok?!).

9. Know the right steps needed if you’re measuring yourself for a bra fitting. Pay attention to placement (for the band: right under your bust, and for the cup size: the fullest part of your bust). If you get a fractional measurement, just round to the nearest whole number!

10. Wear dark bras a little looser, as their ink makes them feel tighter. #Science.

11. Organize your bras with a drawer divider to maintain their shape, find them easily, and overall take better care of them for a longer shelf life.

12. Effectively hide straps when wearing things like tanks by simply using a bra strap clip. All it does is transform your everyday bra into a racerback!

13. Fix constant slipping (I’m annoyed just writing about it) or any discomfort caused by straps from too much pressure by adding silicone strap cushions to your bra.

14. Differentiate between the three kinds of sports bras before deciding which type fits your needs. There are three categories: encapsulation, compression, and compression and encapsulation.

15. Avoid sleeping in an underwire bra. Being in underwire 24/7 is just unnecessarily cruel to your soul. Instead, opt for a soft cotton bralette as a far gentler solution.

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