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Meet Nurul Shamsul, The 1st Malay Woman To Compete In Miss Universe New Zealand

In August, a hijabi known as Nurul Shamsul will compete in the Miss Universe finals in New Zealand — and to everyone’s surprise, she’s of Malay descent!

This marks her as the first Malay woman to be a part of this competition. If she wins, she will then go on to compete for the title of Miss Universe with Filipina winner Pia Wurtzbach as one of the judges. (Ehem, team Malaysia, take note 😋)

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A month ago I was announced as a finalist for Miss Universe New Zealand. I remember the feelings I had before and after the announcement. I prayed that if this opportunity is good for me and my religion, then I wanted God to let it happen. If it wasn’t, then I wanted Him to turn me away from it. Now a couple weeks into the journey and I can tell you that it hasn’t always been easy. But in saying that, I’ve already grown so much as a person. Just never give up. It’s all about trusting that everything will be okay because He knows better. Alhamdulillah, I’m also super grateful for all the love and support so far. I hope that my intentions will always be kept pure and I will try my absolute best to fulfil them, insyaAllah. Also, don’t forget to vote for me, link is in bio. 💖 #missuniverse #missuniversenewzealand #roadtomissuniverse #journeytomissuniverse

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The 20-year-old New Zealand-based student, who is of Malaysian and Indonesian heritage, wrote on her Instagram account about a month ago that, “I am so happy and excited to announce that I am in the finals for Miss Universe New Zealand!”

She added, “As a hijabi I will be the first in New Zealand to make it to the finals and one of the first in the world to ever do so. I hope that this opportunity will help break boundaries and stereotypes. I also hope that together we can redefine the meaning of what beauty is.”

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Born and raised in New Zealand, Nurul, who attends the University of Waikato in the country’s North Island, was shortlisted in the beauty pageant’s Top 20 finalists for the Kiwi region.

The young beauty hasn’t forgotten her roots though, as can be seen in her Instagram posts, Nurul likes to upload photos of her family members as well as her time in Malaysia.

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MashaAllah, I hope that as I age I will look just as young and beautiful like my mother and grandmother. I would like to honour them as both taught me so much about sacrifice, hardwork and being my best self. 💕💕💕 Today for Mother’s day, I did an at home ‘spa treatment’ and makeup for both of them. For the facial, I had used @arturenz Microdermabrasion Cream to remove dead skin cells as well as nourish the skin underneath. This made their skin super smooth by revealing newer skin underneath. I then massaged their faces using @livingnaturenz Ultimate Day Oil to calm and rejuvenate their skin. And my grandma absolutely loved the smell. I then had used @caithyorganics Skin Brightening Cream which visibly brightens the skin and makes the skin soft and smooth. Just look at how bright my mum’s skin is! With all these products used, it gave me the perfect ‘canvas’ for me to do their makeup. But because their skin had then glowed so much naturally, they didn’t need much. I’ve also been using these products for the past couple of weeks and they definitely helped improve my skin! ❤️ Nonetheless, today all three generations are using the same lipgloss colour ‘Chic’ from @samala.cosmetics and as you can see, this colour suits anyone at any age! #missuniverse #missuniversenewzealand #munz #roadtomissuniverse #journeytomissuniverse #beauty #makeup #mothersday #happymothersday #love #naturallybeautifulnaturallyyou #everydayismothersday #caithyorganics #arturenz #samalacosmetics #threegenerations #3generations

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The finals for this year’s edition of Miss Universe New Zealand will be held on Aug 4. You can vote for Nurul via this link.

Good luck, girl! Malaysia is rooting for you <3




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