Pitting age-based stereotypes against each other has become a norm because duh, what else is new? It just burns the older generation’s eyes to see us flailing around with no money tied to our name (yet). However, although the lives of many millennials are unfolding somewhat awfully to our elders, we do think and behave differently in some ways — primarily thanks to our far shakier economic circumstances and our high expectation of life.

1. Millennials prefer to drink at home than at bars

There is definitely an appeal to inviting friends over rather than meeting up somewhere. Drinking at home is cheaper, we don’t have to wait in lines, we don’t have to strain to hear our friends speaking over loud music and background noise, not to mention the bathrooms are probably cleaner, and there’s wifi. Plus, it’s also easier for us to control our alcohol intake, essentially making us much more responsible young adults.

2. Millennials are breaking the stigma of mental health

Every generation has faced problems and millennials are no different. We have new issues and concerns that, perhaps, our parent’s generation never lost sleep over. But we’re on the right track to becoming a more self-aware and self-loving generation. With the help of social media outlets, we’re able to normalise mental illness. We can promote and increase the understanding of it, as well as decrease the stigma by letting the world know mental illness doesn’t have a face. It can touch the lives of people you least expect.

3. Millennials don’t have a “Keeping up with the neighbours” mentality

Even when we do care about what others think, we prefer to appear thrifty, rather than flashy. Today’s most influential young entrepreneurs, like the guys from Nas Daily and Cheap Thrills, show they’ve made it without donning Tom Ford suits. In other words, we’re not going to purchase a new car because our neighbours did. We make our own decisions rather than be peer-pressured into reckless spending.

4. Millennials don’t f-ck with family planning

We’re not only delaying kids, but we are also having less of them. The economics is depressing enough on us tqvm, so how are we supposed to take care of so many babies while juggling full-time jobs? For me, when I was growing up, I saw how stressful it was for my parents to keep a roof on our head. Ever since then, I’ve promised myself not to have too many children (or any) in the future.

5. Millennials don’t trust the government blindly

I think you and I both know what I’m referring to. As of late, millennials, especially in Malaysia, have become more detached from major political parties that are surrounded by financial scandals and abuses of power. I mean, throughout all these years, how could our parents turn a blind eye and and still support these practices just to ‘save our race’?

6. Millennials aren’t rushing to own a house

Now, millennials are not a different species. Most of us still dream of getting married and owning a home just as our parents did. However, this is probably happening later in life for us than for our predecessors, because there are so many important things that needs to be done first, rather than slave ourselves to be home-owners.

7. Millennials would much rather spend money on travelling

We are the generation that takes back control, so we can put life at the forefront of work-life balance. As society continues to move away the guidance of traditional authorities, we are looking for more adventurous experiences to define ourselves, and avoid from being programmed by dreadful routines. On top of that, travelling also means that we get to escape, from parents, cities, towns or friends.


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