We often are unsure about what goes on behind closed doors, and more often than not, everyone has their own vices, whether it is an unhealthy addiction or an ongoing fight with depression. Granted, some manage their problems way better than others with the right mindset, whereas others go out to seek the guidance they require. Either way, it takes more than just willpower to kick these vices to the curb and move forward.

While the availability of rehab centres around the world is more than necessary, the recent booming of medical tourism within Asia has paved the way for a new era of luxury rehab centres to thrive in paradise destinations such as Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Unsurprisingly, it isn’t merely the Asians who are frequenting these said centres as thousands of foreigners are also following suit and taking advantage.

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For the same reasons these are prime travel destinations, the cheap food, warm climate, affordable lodging and lenient visas make these rehab centres more than enticing. They evidently cost way less than similar facilities in their homeland for the same, if not more superior, services and amenities. And though they are branded as rehab centres, most will contend that these patients live better lives than the average people.

Clients stay in lavish villas dotted within verdant gardens, expansive paddy fields or secluded private islands with all-day meals prepared by a team of excellent chefs and top-notch housekeeping as well as 24-hour assistance to answer to their every need. It’s cushy and nothing like the ramshackle centres of the past, commonly attached to negative connotations that come with these facilities. Here are a handful we recommend:

1. The Dawn, Northern Thailand

Tucked away by the Ping River in the south of Chiang Mai, The Dawn is perched on a two-acre private estate with lush surroundings of the rainforest and mountains as well as rice paddies and orchards. For US$10,000 a month, the all-inclusive programme at The Dawn includes three meals a day, minimalist air-conditioned rooms with sweeping views that guarantee tranquility, internationally qualified therapists, counsellors and trainers, as well as activities including Thai boxing, meditation and yoga, and facilities such as a gym and swimming pool, amongst others. Clients are encouraged to stay at least a full month and to take part in additional pursuits with nature walks, elephant bathing and touring the Thai countryside.

2. Sivana Bali, Indonesia

This world-class facility specialising in drug and alcohol rehab is located not too far from idyllic beaches at the higher end district of Bali in Canggu offers highly personalised treatments together with professionally certified professionals to assist clients on their road to recovery. With programmes ranging from 28 days to 6 months, clients are given opulent accommodation with en-suite bathrooms and are encouraged to engage in fellowship meetings with other patients as well as play and recreation with activities such as mountain biking, surfing, yoga, snorkelling and hiking. Sivana accommodates 8 patients per intake so as to give each patient maximum focus and care.

3. The Cabin, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Cabin extends all-encompassing programmes fully personalised for each individual client based on his or her needs, whether pertaining to trauma, drug or alcohol detox or mental wellness. Clients work through their internal challenges with comfortable first-class bedrooms, the company of round-the-clock specialists, premium facilities including a swimming pool, massage centre and gym, as well as fine fusion cuisine that heals, all surrounded by abundant foliage to soothe the soul as much as it rejuvenates the mind and body. Other excursions comprise trips to the ice skating rink, temple tours, cycling tours, white water rafting, kayaking and more.

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