Ahh, thrift shopping – there’s no in-between to it. You either love it with a purpose or you have delved into it once and vowed never to go down that path again. Many don’t see the appeal to it for many reasons. It could be the unpleasant wafts of mustiness permeating through most thrift stores that hinder them from walking in, or the fact that they just get skeeved out at the thought of wearing used clothing. Should you be one of those people, we’re here to convince you otherwise. With patience and persistence, you may just enjoy it more than you think.

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1. Copping designer items for less than a fraction of the price

Granted, this may not always be the case, but when that one limited edition, vintage find comes along, you know it’s going to be gold.. and probably for peanuts compared to the original price! It may not be from the latest SS18 collection, but think of it this way – more often than not, no one else close by will have it in their possession and you’d literally be a very proud owner.

2. Cheap thrills at its best

The odds of you coming across something you absolutely adore doesn’t come by as often and perhaps this leaves many disappointed enough never to do it again. Don’t give up though! When luck is on your side, you’ll stumble across gems and that’s when it would feel ultra rewarding, definitely way more gratifying than picking up that blouse from a regular retail store.


3. You’ll appreciate your clothes way more

Ever heard of friends saying shopping is their cardio? If that’s the case, thrift shopping is a full-on workout. Not only do you spend more time in a single store, you exert more energy sifting through dozens of racks and piles of clothes. Though it is exhausting, you will truly value each item you’ve tirelessly sussed out. It’s like that giddy feeling you get after a satisfying shopping sesh – only twice as more!

4. You get to experiment with different styles without investing a ton

Shopping adds up very quickly, hence many often stick to one particular style they are comfortable with so as not to blow money on a piece that is out of their comfort zone and that they may never re-wear. This is the best part about thrift shopping – just buy those pieces you were always keen to try but felt wary of. Even if you don’t end up liking it on you for whatever reason, it’s aye okay considering how affordable it was.

Happy thrifting and good luck!

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