If you’ve got smooth, porcelain skin that looks flawless even from up close, that’s great. The rest of us though aren’t so lucky and have to deal with very visible or often enlarged pores on the skin. This problem then gets exacerbated by acne, sun damage, clogging and increased sebum production.

While proper skincare is a must for fighting uneven skin texture, pore-filling primers are godsend to provide an even base for makeup. The conventional way to apply it would be to press the product onto the affected areas on the skin to fill in pores, but this South Korean beauty vlogger is taking things up a notch with her own technique.

Instead of using the fingers, YouTube vlogger Hanabono uses none other than a toothpick as a tool to smooth out the primer over the little dents on her skin to effectively conceal them for a flat and perfectly levelled finish. The toothpick also makes sure that the primer is distributed evenly.

Photo: Screengrab via YouTube

In her video entitled “Pore Missing Makeup”, she first applies sunscreen on clean, moisturised skin before proceeding with her pore-filling technique with a toothpick. She then goes over everything with her base (foundation/BB cream) of choice before proceeding with her pore-filling technique once more, this time with a pore-filling balm.

Finally, she seals her hard work in with a translucent powder. Her technique evidently takes a bit more time and effort, so it probably isn’t the best for everyday when you’re in a rush. That said, it’s super handy for special occasions when you want to look extra glammed up!

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