There is no other way to put it – Hennessy Paradis Imperial is the crème de la crème of fine cognacs. Housed within its striking crystal decanter is shimmering, amber-coloured liquid gold that reigns supreme, so precious as it is unequalled given the fact that the average number of eaux-die-vie superior enough to be deemed worthy for the cognac is only 10 out of every 10,000.

It is the savoire faire of the Master Blender with delicacy and diligence that fine-tunes the eaux-die-vie to peak its potential before being fused into a final Hennessy Paradis Imperial blend, comprising over 100 eaux-die-vie, aged between 30 and 130 years old. What follows is a cognac that is exquisitely complex yet elegant, unveiling the freshness of jasmine, orange blossoms, citrus and stone fruits, then punctuated with smokey nuances that cut the crispness.

Only finesse of such honourable calibre complements this cognac and Hennessy Paradis Imperial has once again appointed Chef Darren Chin of DC Restaurant – with his longstanding gastronomic expertise of over 15 years – to conceive a special tasting menu that not only showcases his classical French cum modernist techniques but also reflects the House of Hennessy as well as the cognac’s refined qualities and intricacies.

Below are the highlights from Chef Darren’s sophisticated menu:

Whole Hokkaido Live Uni – Though contrasted by the earthiness of a vegetal emulsion and truffled eggs, the rich umami flavours of the Japanese sea urchin remain distinct, with a hint of nuttiness through it.

Hokkaido Green Asparagus – Freshness, sweet brininess and a delicate depth of flavour from the local Sabah bamboo lobster and Hokkaido green asparagus intermingle here, almost as if the yin and yang of gastronomy is unearthed.

Homage of M. Paul – The invigorating citrus notes of the orange and wildflower honey sauce amps up the flavour of the delicate fish while the potato scales extend a pleasurable texture to every bite.

Kyushu Japanese Wagyu Rump – Thanks to the al dente strigoli pasta and tender braised leeks, the palate-coating richness of the gloriously marbled cuts of wagyu rump speaks for itself and not once becomes cloying.

In Depth – An unassuming dessert at its finest, the airy meringue shell unveils a luscious black sesame panna cotta with a gratifying sweetness that is then balanced out by mulled blueberries and the nuttiness of cheesecake ice cream.

Spring Menu by Chef Darren Chin


Sensational Mini Tartlets

Served with a glass of Dom Perignon 2009

1st Course

Seasonal White Asparagus from “Sud Ouest” – France

Hollandaise & Mandarin

Served with a glass of Cloudy Bay Tekoko Sauvignon Blanc

2nd Course

Whole Hokkaido Live Uni

Truffled Eggs: Vegetal Emulsion

3rd Course

Hokkaido Green Asparagus

Sabah Bamboo Lobster Gratin: Summer Truffle

4th Course

Homage of M. Paul

Market Fish of the Day: Potato Scales: Orange & Wild Flower Honey sauce

5th Course

Magret de Canard with Larb spice

“Beets”: pureed – glazed – blood orange jus.


Kyushu Japanese Wagyu Rump

Served with Strigoli pasta with braised leeks

Served with a glass of Cheval Des Andes

Optional Add On: Pan Seared Rougie Duck Foie Gras, 50gms


Spring Gariguette French Strawberries & Rhubarb


͞”In Depth”

Light Crunch Meringue: Black Sesame Pannacotta: Mulled Blueberries: Cheesecake Ice Cream


“Le Fromage”

5 types of Cheese from our Cheese trolley

Hennessy Paradis Imperial to be served as a digestif*

Grand Finale


Assortment of Fruit Jellies

Café ou thé

Illy Coffee or assortment of Jing Tea

Available to the public from June 26th to July 31st 2018 every Tuesday to Sunday for dinner, the Hennessy Paradis Imperial x DC Restaurant special tasting menu is priced at RM998 per pax. Call 03-77310502 or access for reservations and enquiries.

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