Airports take us places, but more often than not we spend our time wandering around spending money on food, alcohol and other things we didn’t need to alleviate boredom since a lot of waiting happens before a flight, especially when you’re early.

On the other hand, most travellers tend to stay away from airport lounges under the assumption that they can’t afford the luxury. The truth of the matter is, paying for a premium airport lounge can actually save you money instead.

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According to flight comparison site, queues, luggage weight limitations, delays and overpriced food makes travellers frustrated. As a result, they spend as a way to calm the storm. found that the average traveller spends US$77.95 before a flight, breaking it down to food (53%), hot drinks (44%) and alcohol (28%). 46% also purchased items they didn’t need prior to jetting off.

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In comparison, found that the average price of access to an airport lounge is $49.50. This often times includes free Wi-Fi, drinks and all-day refreshments, sometimes even napping pods, showers and swimming pools.

An added bonus would be that spending time at the airport lounge instead of trotting about in the airport eliminates completely the temptation to shop for non-essential purchases.

It does make sense, and with that, here is a list of 20 best-value airport lounges in the world. Safe travels!


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