Makeup is a form of self-expression that is meant to be fun and there really are no rules as to how you should be applying your products. That said, should you be entirely clueless about where to place your products and require a little help, we have got you covered in the blush application department.

Adding just a bit of colour to the cheeks really amplifies the bone structure and may just be the thing that pulls the entire look together, but where you apply it can make more difference than you think, especially since everyone’s face shape varies slightly. Here is a little guide you can refer to:

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Square – Blush can soften the stronger jawlines on square-shaped faces and the trick is to concentrate it on the apples of the cheek, closer to the nose and lightly towards the hairline with the excess product.

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Round – If you’ve got a rounded face with fuller cheeks, apply blush a bit lower than the apples and sweep the blush towards the hairline to extend a lifted look.

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Oval – Begin in the middle of the cheeks instead of the apples, then extend the excess upwards toward the earlobes to fake a wider center across the face.

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Heart – The classic “C” blush application further accentuates the high cheekbones on heart-shaped faces. Begin below the apples of the cheeks and sweep the product upwards toward the hairline and temples.


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