If you’re bored with the same photo spots in Kuala Lumpur, we have good news for you!

Ansa Hotel (formerly known as Picolo Hotel) which is located next to Lot 10, has welcomed the first Museum Of Illusions in Asia, a fascinating world of visual illusion which will trick your senses and puzzle your mind while providing you with awesome Instagram-able backgrounds — Perfect for visual enthusiasts. Check out the cool, mind-boggling instalments below:

1. Ames Room

The giant and the dwarf. Who knew that a person could shrink right before your eyes just by switching sides in this incredible room of illusions? (Please excuse this awkward photo) Pro tip: Be more creative with your actions i.e the giant could pretend to be a dinosaur trying to eat the dwarf. Or something more epic.

2. The Vortex Tunnel

Although the room was not actually spinning — just the walls, we certainly felt light-headed as we tried to reach to the end of the tunnel. It will make your head spin as you walk through the rotating cylinder, all while you are on a completely stable and flat surface. Pro tip: Just snap some photos and leave the tunnel if you can’t walk to the end!

 3. Rotated Room

Always wondered how Spiderman walks? Change your view of the world to a 90-degree point in this room and take incredible photos! The only limit is your imagination. Pro tip: It’s funnier if you include more friends into the shot.

4. Kaleidoscope

Spot the real me! LOL. In this room, you will never get the same shot as others as the colourful and jolly patterns created varies on each visitor. You’ve probably seen the likes of these Kaleidoscope mirror instalments at events such as Urbanscapes. Pro Tip: Wear bright tops to add extra vibrance in your photo.

5. Anti-Gravity Room

The anti-gravity room may look flat from the outside, but once you enter — you’ll find out that it’s actually slanted. Or is it..? Do not go into this room if you just got out of the Vortex Tunnel, as it will be harder to balance yourself (you might also risk vomiting). Pro tip: Don’t lean on the wall as it will ruin the illusion effect.

6. RGB Effect

The lights installed in this room will give you a 3D shadow effect, as if you’re in a MTV music video! Again, please excuse this awkward photo. Pro tip: Don’t block any of the red, blue and yellow lights, or you’ll risk ruining the 3D effect.

7. True Mirror

Do you know that what you see in the mirror when you look at yourself is not how people see you? So the True Mirror allows you to see what you really look like.. are you ready?

Head over to the newly expanded Ansa Hotel, where the Museum Of Illusions is open daily from 9am – 11pm, with entrance fees priced at RM35 (adults) and RM25 (children below 15) each. Connect with them via Instagram or Facebook for more updates. 

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